It’s gonna be cold this winter. Or not if you're a dick who lives in one of the places where winter means 60 degrees Fahrenheit and you're toughest decision is whether or not to eat lunch outside. Either way you’re gonna want to wear a hat at some point because, well let’s be honest, you wear a tie for no reason all the time, so it’s not that much of a stretch to assume you’ll use the change in weather to accessorize your dome piece. With a hat like this you can grow your beard out and get your apprehensive, nerdy Serpico on. You can also just wear it all slouchy and listen to CDs of Nirvana Unplugged in your car and have people fantasize about punching you square in your stupid fucking face. Much love to Norse Projects for naming the blue colorway “blue depth." That's easily the most ethereal sounding beanie of all time, homies. Bodega’s got these hats for 60 bones. Can we please take a moment to commend Bodega for having one of the best names ever for a shop. I’ve personally always wanted to open a vintage store and call it Sloppy Seconds.

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