In a really cool effort to combine art and athletics, the Kansas City Chiefs issued a call last July for artists to submit work for the Arrowhead Stadium. While the contest ended on September 8th, the first pieces could be installed as early as January. There are also plans in the works for collection tours and an art education program. In an interview with Kansas City Chiefs co-owner, Sharron Hunt Munson, he explains the benefit of engaging the arts community:

"Another way that this is really engaging to the community is in the process of collecting the artists that will be included. We actually put out a call to artists from the six-state region [Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas]. So a regional, Midwestern art collection is the focus. We’re trying to celebrate the people that live, or lived, and work [here] and hold this area dear. We’re sort of the heart of America’s team, and we want to pull in the best of the heart of America. One of the first exercises that the advisory council undertook was a brainstorming exercise on what are the first things that come to their minds when they hear the words “Midwest” and “regional.” And that’s been interesting to see what kind of thematic elements we might be seeing and thinking about. What kind of thematic elements resonate with people across time and make it relevant, make it something you can have a dialogue with across time?"

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[via Artworks]