Years Active: 1987-Present
Key Members: Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X, Professor Griff, The S1W
Elements of Style: Baseball caps, Coaches Jackets, Nikes, Track jackets, Huge clocks

Chuck D knew how how to keep it fresh in a snapback, but it was his hypeman Flavor Flav who stole the show with his huge clock and sideways cap—usually flanked by a phalanx of  S1W members rocking black military uniforms and berets. 

While Flav favored brightly-colored track jackets, sunglasses with neon frames, and an assortment of timepieces around his neck, the rest of the crew's style was more subdued and accessible. Black coaches jackets with "PE" on the sleeves kept things militant while still undeniably dope. Plus, Chuck D put that Pittsburgh Pirates hat on the map long before Wiz Khalifa.