Years Active: 2007-Present
Key Members: Tyler, The Creator; Hodgy Beats; Left Brain; Earl Sweatshirt; Domo Genesis; Mike G; Frank Ocean; Syd Tha Kyd; Matt Martians; Hal Williams; Jasper Dolphin; Taco
Elements of Style: Supreme, Five-panel caps, Tie-dye shirts, Shirts with animals on them, Coaches jackets, Knee-high socks, Vans

Like the punk and street culture that preceded them, Odd Future's style is informed by their anarchic attitude and rebellious lifestyle. Tyler, The Creator almost wears Supreme clothing begrudgingly, and has often taken to Twitter saying that he regrets the shine his own fame has given to the sub rosa brand.

Buzzed-about member Frank Ocean regularly kills it in a headband and dip-dyed Sidian, Ersatz, and Vanes button downs, though he won't hesitate to rock a Supreme hockey jersey on Saturday Night Live either. Five-panel caps, tie-dye T-shirts, and all-over prints also figure prominently into the OFWGKTA look, which has inspired a loyal cult following as evidenced by the long lines that formed outside their recent pop-up shops.