Years Active: 2009-Present
Key Members: Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Stalley, Omarion, Gunplay
Elements of Style: Tattoos, Beards, Self-portrait chains, Cazal sunglasses, Versace shirts, Deadstock sneakers, Throwback jerseys

What does MMG have more of than most other groups on this list? Tattoos. Between Wale and Stalley alone, the ink is pretty staggering. (Tattoo artists BJ Betts and Bert Krak are responsible for Stalley's hands and Nikko Hurtado for Wale's Malcolm X portrait.) But you know what? They dress sharp too. Rick Ross' dedication to the beard and Cazals look is commendable, but so is his wardrobe of designer kicks, silk Versace shirts, and luxe outerwear. As he once rhymed, "excess is just my character."

Meanwhile, Wale's sneaker game is equally enviable, and he and Meek Mill both have a steady selection of throwback jerseys and streetwear. The real dark horse of the group is Stalley, who keeps it subtle with a workwear-meets-athletic gear vibe, wearing everything from RRL and (W)TAPS with a Cleveland Indians fitted. MMG remains one of the few well dressed rap crews in which each member represents their own personal brand and home region to a T.