Years Active: 1981-2012
Key Members: Adam "MCA" Yauch, Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz
Elements of Style: Leather jackets, Skinny jeans, X-Large, Adidas sneakers, Volkswagen chains

Evolving from punk to hip-hop to skater chic and beyond, the Beastie Boys have defined how 'cool' young people dressed for the past 30 years. Bringing punk rock fashion staples like leather jackets and skinny jeans into a hip-hop context, the Beasties always represented delinquent style at its finest. From Adidas Skytops and mesh trucker hats to wool caps, denim jackets, and big Volkswagen medallions, their aesthetic approach was a uniquely tongue-in-cheek rock-rap mash-up. In 1991 Mike D helped found streetwear label X-Large, which used an ape on its logo long before BAPE came along. 1992 saw the release of Check Your Head, an album whose imaging pretty much serves as a primer for the whole skater look that became so prevalent in the '90s.

They also created some very stylish videos with a little help from Spike Jonze, like the classic "Sabotage" clip that had them rocking mustaches and short-sleeve shirts. Cloer to the millennium they came with the Japanese robot steez of "Intergalactic," which dressed the Beasties up in coveralls, neon safety harnesses, hard hats, and goggles.