Years Active: 1985-1992
Key Members: KRS-One, Scott La Rock, D-Nice
Elements of Style: Rings, Varsity jackets, Nike sneakers, Baseball caps

Before Scott La Rock's untimely death in 1987, he and KRS-ONE sported an assortment of Nikes, leather caps, Yankee hats, and dope graphic T-shirts. But the standout of their style has got to be the customized BDP gear. There's a sick photograph of D-Nice and KRS-One rocking BDP track suits in rasta colors, with a coordinating ballcap and bucket hat. How fresh is that?

Scott La Rock's also been photographed putting together slim tartan pants with cabbie hats and tucked-in shirts. KRS-One has a pretty sick style too, favoring kicks like Nike Delta Forces and absolutely killing it in a 1984 photo wearing overalls with one strap down and a fresh cut. And let's face it, they both knew how to rock the hell out of a varsity jacket.