The Malaysian government apparently thinks your V-neck tees are gay as shit, bro. In the most bizarre fashion news to hit the ether since YSL's abrupt, and pointless, name change several months back, the Malaysian government has begun organizing seminars for parents in an effort to help them detect latent signs of homosexuality in children, and guess what? They declared V-necks, and sleeveless garments in general, to be inherently gay, as in it's a symptom of potential homosexual tendencies. Newsflash guys, the sweeping generalization that a T-shirt is a determining factor of one's sexuality is so fucked up that it's almost laughable. These overtly baseless presumptions mainly stem from the Muslim populace in Malaysia where homosexual behavior is strictly forbidden in the eyes of Islam.

Without even going into the whole religious spiel because we are not going to touch that shit with a 1,000 ft. pole, the fact that they magically boiled homosexuality down to an article of clothing is just ridiculous. Why? Uh, how about because it's not true. Just take a look at rappers like Kanye West and Lil Wayne whose rampant heterosexual appetites and affinities for V-necks are well documented. Even Ed Westwick, scheming, sociopath playboy Chuck Bass, has been known to let many a chest hair dangle freely in the breeze. The bottom line is the Malaysian government is hanging onto flawed and distorted information of a perceived problem that's not even a problem at all. Filling people's heads with this kind of propaganda can truly be detrimental to their society. So, to the punk bitches of the Malaysian government, if you're reading this, which we know you are not, just know you have no swag.