We know, you're probably sick of hearing about Ryan Lochte, too, but he's like a car wreck; you just have to watch. While it's been reported that Ryan Lochte is very interested in getting into fashion, and why shouldn't he,  he also wants to be a reality TV star. Well, it seems as though he may kill two birds with one stone, as he confirmed through a video interview with The Daily Buzz that he is in talks with E! for a reality show following him through his training and his work on his new fashion line, which he also confirmed will be happening.

Grills, high-top sneakers, #JEAH hater-blockers, and banana hammocks are some of the things we anticipate to see from Lochte, and it looks like we may get to experience this awesomeness first hand. We're all ears now, so we'll keep you informed. 

[via Styleite]