I’m pretty sure everyone and anyone who is hip has heard of this whole Thom Grey diffusion line thing in the past week. If you haven’t, Thom Grey is a line created by Thom Browne that is supposedly geared toward younger generations of men with younger tastes and slimmer wallets i.e. me. Basically, it’s supposed to be cheap Thom Browne. When I first heard “cheap Thom Browne” from the Interwebz I was all like, “Sign me the fuck up.” Upon further examination of this product I only have one reaction to it, “Are you FUCKING kidding me?” I moseyed on over to the Barney’s webstore this morning expecting some expensive stuff, but nothing really breaking the $600 mark. Yo, no bullshit, you ain’t buying a non-accessory item for under $200. I was ok with that until I saw the $1,180.00 varsity jacket. Listen up Mr. TB, I know you’re all bourgeois and shit and come from a place where they purposely misspell the most common names in the U.S. to sound important, but us regular kids don’t exactly have a stack to drop on a jacket that will only be cool for two more years at most. The craziest thing of all is that this fucking guy thinks he’s giving us a deal. Newsflash, a mainline ass Thom Browne varsity costs $1,340. Really? REALLY? You’re saving me a whole $160? WHAT A FUCKING STEAL! YOU'RE THE BEST, DUDE! TRULY, A MAN OF THE PEOPLE. Rich people are so fucking off the reservation I can’t even handle it anymore.