Amex UNSTAGED: Usher

Date: June 11, 2012

Location: The Hammersmith Apollo, London

"For the Usher concert, there were audiences both at the show and streaming it online. We projected their tweets on the background screen in real-time. They were visually treated to be a part of the scenery. You weren’t only watching the show, you were participating in it, as well.

The goal is to make the audience part of the show and scene. That’s why we have 25 people working around the clock in our research and technology department, taking creative risks and making new tricks. People live with their smartphones, and we're mindful of bringing people together with this technology. Our goals at Moment Factory are to entertain and bring people together. The best part is when everything comes together — the lighting, set design, and costumes, because then the visuals happen and the audience feels involved. At the Usher concert, you could pick an avatar, and at some point in the show, your avatar would show up on the screen and be dancing behind Usher. Do you how many people loved that?"