Jay-Z At Carnegie Hall

Dates: February 6 & 7, 2012

Location: Carnegie Hall, New York City

"The Jay-Z show was a challenge in a good way. We had 6 weeks to approve the whole show and 24 hours to install the visuals. There was almost no time. We created 10-15 environments, highlighting and representing the life of Jay-Z. It was all made to work with the architecture of Carnegie Hall. When you have only 24 hours to put everything together, you're under a lot of pressure, and that’s the rule of the game. You work with the time that's given to you, and you make the best show on that you possibly can. A lot of technicalities have to be worked out before we even get to the night of the events. If someone calls and says they want you to produce their event in a month, you get worried and don’t think you can do it, but the challenge is worth it. We wouldn't produce a show if we didn't think we could deliver."