You hear the strangest stories every day in the media, but rarely do you hope that the speculation is true. The paparazzi's favorite couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are rumored to consummate their relationship by collaborating on a footwear collection. Kim has recently tweeted a few photos of her wearing Kanye's designs for Giuseppe Zanotti which we saw at his Paris fashion shows, so this rumor isn't too shocking.

Radar Online's "exclusive source" reported news that Kimye had lunch with LVMH CEO Francois-Henri Pinault to discuss the potential shoe line. We agree with Fashionista, who cares about the details? We are more interested in what the footwear will look like. The team at Fashionista took the liberty of creating a franken-shoe, and we think they hit it on the head. Peep it above. [Fashionista]