Don’t try to get inside of Pharrell Williams’ mind, it’s too much of a daunting task. Throughout his career Williams has managed to encompass everything that’s cool about music, fashion, and art. His work, which includes everything from jewelry with Louis Vuitton and down vests with Moncler, to off-the-cuff collaborations with Kiehls (a bionic tote bag) and a literal four-legged “Perspective” chair with Domeau & Pérès is documented in a new book called PHARRELL: PLACES AND SPACES I’VE BEEN due out October 16th from Rizzoli. Besides the stories behind his collaborative projects, the book features voices like Jay-Z, Anna Wintour, Takashi Murakami and astronaut Buzz Aldrin. People that matter. People that reflect Williams' goal of learning from those at the top of their game.

If his track record proves anything, the book will stand out amongst your other coffee table decorations. Last week we caught up with Williams’ in attempt to get some answers to the method behind his creative madness and what keeps his young. Read on for P’s thoughts…

Interview by Joe La Puma (@JLaPuma)

How did you decide what was going to make the new book, ? Obviously you’ve had all of these experiences and these products and interviews, how did you whittle it down into what would make the final cut?
In terms of the process, there was so much stuff that we quite honestly couldn’t fit into it, there’s so much stuff so we decided to just pair it down to the simplest things we could at first. It’s kind of confusing because there’s such a big amount of work that we were trying to just find a definitive direction because there were so many interesting paths that we could have taken. You know me, I’ve overly ambitious so I think we just chose the most important things that we thought were interesting and important.

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