We are trying to make sure that our space is how we want to present ourselves to a whole new audience of people. We want everybody to feel welcome.


You mentioned that some of the girls are your close friends, but what about the other girls on the show? 
What’s so interesting about the show is that we have a group of girls who I would not have met otherwise; they lead a very, very different life from me. We ended up meeting through the Eli Klein gallery. It adds a new layer to the show, because you see these different groups of people doing their thing, whether from Brooklyn or Manhattan. Although we're the same age and all interested in and working in art, we have our differences. In the end, we're all focused women living in the city. 

Where do you like to go out in NYC? 
I’m loving the Wythe Hotel these days. I’ve moved in there, basically. It’s in Williamsburg. There’s a restaurant on the ground floor called Reynards, which is really delicious. A friend of mine does a DJ set there every Sunday. I’m totally a Brooklynite. 

What was the biggest surprise for you during the show?
I learned a lot about my friendships and the dynamics between girls — how they can be positive and how they can be negative. Girls are funny creatures. I learned a lot about myself, and how I interact with them. I run this business with my two friends, and that adds another layer to it. We are all so young, and it’s not personal, it’s business. But when you’re with your best friends, it’s all personal. You learn so much about yourself, and how to handle different situations. I feel really lucky to have experienced that through the show.

What are you doing to prepare for the increased traffic in the gallery after Gallery Girls premieres? 
We've been talking about that a lot. The answer is getting different types of work and mediums into the gallery. I’m focusing on getting lots of books. I love food right now, so I have been reaching out to a lot of food publications. I’m interested in the crossover between contemporary art and fine food, which you get to see in the show. We are trying to make sure that our space is the way we want it to be for a whole new audience of people. We want everybody to feel welcome.

We have to ask — got any tips or solid pick-up lines for getting a gallery girl? 
I would suggest knowing at least something about the artist being shown at the gallery. The girl's going to wonder if you're at all interested in the art. Just go for it.

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