This was supposed to be the summer that you blew the fuck up. How's that going for you? We get it—it's hard out here for a menswear blogger for real, guys. Internet fame seems right around the corner, but, for some reason, you keep coming up empty. Well, you know what, fuck that shit. Fuck having 245 followers on Twitter, while you're busting your ass following 3,657. That struggle ratio does not define you as a person. And your reblog game? How does your photo of Daisy Lowe naked underwater barely crack 20? That shit is preposterous! You're so much cooler than all this and it's not enough for you to know this. EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW COOL YOU ARE TOO. With New York Fashion Week right around the corner you have little to no time to get your coming out party on point. Follow the tips above and get your shit tight before it's too late.