Gallery: Extraordinary Gentleman (2012 Fashion Feature)

Gallery: Extraordinary Gentleman (2012 Fashion Feature)Photography by Katsu Naito and Ryan Kibler / Styling by Nepenthes New York

One part boutique, one part gallery, Nepenthes New York is home to brands like Engineered Garments, Needles Sportswear, S2W8, and its eponymous line. Many pieces in stock are made upstairs in the sewing rooms that are the heart of NYC’s Garment District home. Around the corner on Eighth Avenue, the Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge is one of the city’s classic dive bars. It’s also the watering hole of choice for the Nepenthes family of designers, artists, and creatives. Check their style. It’s as eclectic as their surroundings.

Models: Mike MingEmilio CuilanAbdul Abasi, and Angelo Urrutia


This feature appears in Complex's August/September 2012 issue.

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