If you were at men's market week odds are that you checked out Baldwin. If you weren't at market we're going to assume odds are that you did not check out Baldwin. If you find yourself decidedly in the latter of the two categories, it's all good—the Baldwin boys just released some ocular goodness previewing their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. We love these guys because they've been humbly making perfect basics out of Kansas City for a while now. They don't feed off hype, or any of that shit. They simply make fantastic gear that appeals to every single person reading this site. Being the due diligent journalists we are, we've completely vetted the Baldwin homies on your behalf. We're pleased to report they love rap music and they love to party. If you're not trying to give your money to dudes who love rap music and love to party then you're doing the world a disservice. Chalk up your next purchase to some casual "philanthropy" and holler at a tax deduction.