Technodrome"When I first started doing the digital shit, Facebook and Myspace were the thing. So, it just made sense to put it on there. You could actually see my progression if you go back on my Facebook Timeline because I've posted there for a minute. The social media thing is what keeps me alive; it's crucial shit. I like getting my stuff out to the people through Tumblr and FB. Only bad part is people trying to bootleg my shit and make shirts or whatever. I mean, I put it out there anyway, so you could steal it, but I don't wanna sue anyone because I'm not important enough...yet [Laughs]. I take it as a compliment. It's dope as an artist to see people take your shit and put it as their profile pic or use it as wallpaper.


"Going the digital route made my shit go international."


"I go hard on the social networks because I feel like I don't want to be forgotten because I lost so many people in my life—I don't want to fade away. It's driven by fear almost; A fear to stay relevant. It's a test when I put something out there to see if people like it. People tell me crazy shit about things they see in the art that I don't fucking see in it. It's awesome, it's a cool way to make a living.

"Going the digital route made my shit go international. I have some stuff for sale on based in the UK. I also have a piece at the Zebra Square Hotel in Paris permanently. I also have something at the Vitamin Water headquarters in Paris. It's next to some Warhol and shit, it's pretty crazy to me."