If you're like us (read: dudes with smelly ass feet who, despite this fact, still refuse to wear proper socks) then you know about MS&Co. For the discerning loafer sock customer, you can't really do much better. But we're not here to talk about stanky feet and the men who are saddled with this unfortunate condition. No, we're here to talk about true innovation and ingenuity. Today MS&Co. released what are maybe-possibly-most-likely-the-first-because-they-said-so-and-we-are-inclined-to-believe-them silk knit pocket squares known to man. Your favorite tie just found a new home, and that home is in the breast pocket of your sportcoat. The 100% silk knit pocket squares come in three colors (navy, pink and off white) and run a mere $35 dollar a pop. This is basically the menswear accoutrement equivalent of sending a man into space, or something like that.