It's almost a proven fact that during times of recession people turn to nostalgia for comfort to take their minds off the troubles of today. Just take one look at shows like Boardwalk Empire, a Prohibition-era drama on HBO, or AMC's misogynistic '60s-era Mad Men and you'll see why we love taking strolls down memory lane when things get tough. Ryan Gosling's Gangster Squad is a movie that similarly harks back to a time none of us were probably alive for—a time of guns, gangsters and prostitutes. I mean, we still have that stuff today, but you get the point. Based on real life events set in 1949 Los Angeles, two hardened LAPD sergeants (Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling) assemble a crew of cops with enough balls to take down notorious mob kingpin Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). We love anything gangster-related because we're the G'est of dudes who write about clothes on the Internet (kinda like being the most jacked kid at fat camp) so this film looks pretty killer to us. Gangster Squad releases nationwide September 7.