Breaking news: some of the dudes that read this site are fathers! We don't have any kids ourselves so we can't know for sure what that's all really like. All we can hope to do is every now and then direct you towards something that alleviates the burden of your demon and non-demon spawn alike. If you're still reading this then you're probably a dad, and as a dad you probably have to carry around a diaper bag. This is inherently incredibly lame and, if you've got serious confidence issues, possibly even emasculating. But, fear not. We've found a diaper bag that you can be proud of. And no, it's not some hypermasculine bag with a removable Velcro mustache or some other such nonsense. The DKNY x FEED diaper bag is all about the kind of cause that is objectively deemed "good." It's all so very simple, for each bag sold the United Nations World Food program will donate micronutrients to a mother and child for one year. You get a diaper bag that's not 100% corny and a mother and child get to punch malnutrition in its stupid fucking face. Everybody wins.