Drake's of London is synonymous with high-end bespoke accoutrements. When was the last time you spent a grip on a tie made to your specifications? One of the originators of the handmade tie, tried-and-true classics are made by the British manufacturer each day.

Brooks Brothers has been outfitting the kind of men that run the world on a regular basis. The traditionally preppy retailer is readily stocked with Ivy League staples like repp-stripe ties, but goes one step further than Drake's by offering a lot of ready-to-wear suiting in a variety of fits. They've also got a lot of shirting options, ranging from classic American oxfords to slim-fitting modern versions. It doesn't hurt that they've tapped the services of American designer Thom Browne for its fashion-forward, yet classically-American Black Fleece line either. To put it simply: they offer a lot more than Drake's does.

Edge: Brooks Brothers. Beyond quality ties, the Americans also bring a full look to the table, and the one-stop shop is a win for lazy men everywhere.