Albam is a British cult brand founded in 2006 with a mission to make the kinds of clothing that its team could stand behind, and its customers would actually wear. How would they do this? Well, by using the finest materials they could find, and making the stuff honestly, with quality and attention to detail. The result is a well-thought collection of everything from floral board shorts to technical windbreakers, and everything in between.

Likewise, Engineered Garments also has a strong cult following and a similar creed. In fact, it got its name from when designer Daiki Suzuki took his initial sketches to a pattern maker who said that the garments simply weren't made, they were "engineered" because of all the intricacies, which often require several machines to make one piece. That isn't to say it's boring stuff, either. Their Spring collection combines warm weather menswear fabrics like chambray, seersucker, and ripstop with patterns like polka dots, camo, and even whimsical all-over prints. Suzuki doesn't just care about quality, there's a definite aesthetic and meaning behind every design.

Edge: Engineered Garments. Albam's approach to clothing is admirable, and the stuff is great, but it's Daiki Suzuki's vision and the avant-garde styling that makes Engineered Garments matter to us more.