The first thing I think of when I read the name Hentsch Man is that lowkey classic Cam verse, "My henchmen, they lynch men/They apply the appliances, the wrench-men." Maybe that's just me though. This brand has absolutely nothing to do with Killa at all.

Hentsch Man was launched four years ago in an effort to make the perfect white button-down shirt, and they've been received well enough since then to put together a wide collection featuring everything from sunglasses to aviator jackets to shorts. That is, a wide enough collection to make you think, "Whoa, why haven't I heard of this brand before? This is actually pretty rad. Let me buy these garments real quick. Goddamn, Four Pins is the fucking truth." (Maybe that's just me again?) Hentsch Man isn't entirely unheard of—they're carried at places like Opening Ceremony, CHCM and a few Nordstrom stores, but they're definitely not talked about as much we'd like them to be. So we're talking about them. You know, taking the power into your own hands and so on and so forth. Go check their shop out. Right now. Oh, and here's a little added bonus: they're having a 50% off summer sale. Right. Now.