The Nantucket bag by Fennica makes your tote look like a boring worthless mass of canvas and nylon thrown together by a 10-year-old at summer camp. See, this particular bag can function as a regular tote, with a ton of interior organizing pockets. Or can be worn as a backpack. Or unzipped and rolled like a tool bag. A bag that tranforms? The 8 year old in me is freaking the fuck out because owning this bag is as close as I'm ever going to get to being BFF's with Optimus Prime. Plus it’s got “Nantucket” in the name, which means it probably comes stuffed with money that the residents of Nantucket wanted to get rid of. It's currently only available at BEAMS, which means you’re gonna have to get your proxy on. But don’t worry, it’s way easier than it seems and the whole time you feel like you’re buying enriched uranium through a shady go-between even if it’s only a girly tote bag that you’re going to use to cart around overpriced carrots and asparagus.