What's up, brah? It's Friday. How chill is that? Kinda chill, right? Yo, you know what's chill, brah? These uber chill Knapp Sacks from Mollusk Surf Shop. They're probs the chillest packs we've ever seen. They're custom Mollusk Surf Shop creations made in Bozeman, Montana, which, is like, such a chill spot, you know? I mean, brah, Montana is, like, the chillest ever. Right, so these packs, just look at the gnar colorways—don't they remind you of how chill the 80's must have been, brah? Supes vintage, brah. Can't you just totes imagine wearing one on your way to grab your morning coffee at 2 in the afternoon or on your morning hike at 3 in the afternoon and everyone jocking your steez, brah? BRAH, you know what I just remembered? Remember mollusks, brah? Like fucking slugs, brah. From like Earth Science class? Those things were mad slimey and way gross, brah. I think you can, like, lick them and catch some rad trippy vibes, brah. But, right, these bags, brah, so knappy, brah.