Kanye and Tom Sachs

Why you should know about him: In addition to being another one of our 25 Most Important Artists of 2012 (So Far), Tom Sachs has been a critical artist since the 90s. His early work juxtaposed fashion and violence, with exhibitions like Cultural Prosthetics and Creativity is the Enemy, using Hermés and Tiffany's packaging and Prada, Chanel, and McDonalds logos. At one point, gallerist Mary Boone was arrested for a Sachs exhibition representing the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, which allowed visitors to take live ammunition from an Alvar Aalto vase.

His latest show, SPACE PROGRAM: MARS at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC simulated an actual journey from Earth to Mars, which made for an art experiment that stunned anyone who got the chance to experience it. 

"We have our system of making things out of certain materials...and of showing the scars of our labor and the history of our efforts... We have the 'your way', 'my way', and 'the right way,' and I must insist everything is done my way, even if it takes longer."

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