The definition of the word "hype"—extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion—has been around for what seems like ages when describing material things we ogle over. With the Yeezy II sneakers creating havoc across the globe with everyone from toddlers to old fogies trying to get their hands on a pair, hype has become even more universal. However, sneakers haven't been the only thing causing a ruckus lately.

This spring/summer 2012 season has seen its fair share of hyped-up items that aren't sneakers that many people were looking to add to their closets. From T-shirts and hoodies, to dress shoes and accessories, these hyped items caused shoppers to camp out for days and make rapid-fire pushes to the "refresh" button. So we look back at the 10 Most Hyped Clothing Items Of The Year. Did you manage to pick up any?