Hopefully you're in the business of getting inspired. Whether online or in real life (that gap in shrinking these days, huh?), finding people, places and things that get you psyched should be a top priority for obvious reasons. An easy way to accomplish this sorta thing is to seek out the work of talented photographers who can provide the visual stimulation needed to jump stat this process. We know that's just a fancy way of going, "Hey, look at some cool shit," but you get what we're trying to say.

Matt Barnes is one of those talented photographers. Hailing from Toronto, Matt popped up on our radar through his continued work with the T-Dot's current favorite son, Drake. The pair have done pretty phenomenal work together, with various work appearing in Rolling Stone, GQ and Vibe magazines. But we're not here to talk about the best Jewish rappers (we're gonna try and get Shyne to pen that gem at a later date). No, we're here to talk about the boys and girls of summer. Simply, Matt recently shot some beautiful images of beautiful young people enjoying beautiful weather. It's quite enjoyable and, hopefully, inspires you to have one hell of a summer yourself.