At least online it is. The New York Times published an article this week that says e-commerce is where it's at for affluent dudes looking to cop upscale duds because they "appear to be somewhat predisposed to buying in an online environment." Cough-PORN-cough. Here's what else the article says: Men want to shop, but they want to know more about what they're buying. They don't want to be hassled by sales people. Brand loyalty is important to men. Men browse less, and want to buy more than they want to shop.

There are statistics, too. Menswear sales grew 14% last year; womenswear just 8%. Online sale of men's clothing made up 5.1% of total retail sales last year; for women, 5.6%. So, despite assumptions made about women and shopping, things aren't nearly as disparate as you might think.

Guess maybe now WAS a good time to launch a new men's style site, no?