Election T-shirts aren't a new thing to motivate young people to get their asses off couch and vote. Remember Diddy's "Vote Or Die" tees from 2004? Well, these tees from Urban Outfitters don't go to the same extremes, but some of them are pretty ridiculous.

No strangers to controversy, Obama's tee has the POTUS Tebowing in the Oval Office, while Republicans can proudly proclaim that their candidate is the shit. Meanwhile, fans of Libertarian Ron Paul will be pleased to know they can choose between two tees: one that says "Legalize Everything" and the rather succinct "Ron Paul: American Badass."  Most of the tees will set you back $24, except the Mitt Romney tee, which costs $28. But don't worry, if you're voting for him, you can probably afford the extra four bucks anyway. [Buzzfeed]

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