I guess what I do is art, but to me I'm just getting drunk and taking pics of what I see.


Let's talk about art and design. What graphic designers, artists, musicians, and other cultural figures do you like or admire? Are there any that directly inform the way you shoot or your website?

Ok, so this is gonna make me look really dumb, but I don't care. I hate museums. I find them terribly boring. There's art that I like. I don't really follow the careers of any artists, which is funny, because I can quote any joke by almost any comedian working today, but I couldn't tell you shit about the art world. I like what I create. I don't really draw inspiration from any other artists. I know it makes me sound shallow or conceited, but I just don't have anyone that I look up to in that way. 

I respect artists, what they do, and what they've done. Terry Richardson is dope. I think he's a genius to have built a brand like his. I love animation. I love Disney. My whole life, I wanted to be a Disney animator, until I tried it and realized how fucking boring and unfullfilling it was. I know a lot about Walt Disney and his original team. I have a lot of books about him. Other than that, I don't really follow the art world.

I guess what I do is art, but to me I'm just getting drunk and taking pics of what I see. Maybe that's why it works; I don't overthink it. The minute you get too high and mighty and start preaching about how your shit is art is the minute it becomes bullshit.

I went to art school. Art is bullshit. In painting class, you paint something in all blues because you only had blue paint and were too lazy to buy other colors. And everyone sits around and tells you how much they love it, and that you must have been sad when you painted it, and they find all this deeper meaning. It's like, no, I was just fucking lazy and used blue paint. Maybe that's why I don't really follow the careers of artists. I love a lot of art, but it's all random shit.

That's an honest answer. So besides the Champagne Facials book, are there any other endeavors or big things you want to do in the future, building on the great foundation you have now?
Everything I've done has been organic. It's never been too planned out. Like who the fuck launches a new blog at 11PM on a Thursday night? It's what I feel at the moment. I definitely wanna do a KWH book, but I don't feel it yet. When the time is right, I will. I'd love to do more "artsy" shit. Maybe I'll get back to painting and incorporate my photos. I wanna do music videos. I don't have any boundaries. KWH.com is a photo site, but KWH is a brand to me. It has no limits.

When I think of the next project, I'll let you know first. You guys have been behind me since the beginning. Joe La Puma would get 3 a.m. emails from me a few times a month, with links to my new photos, and he'd take the time out to send them around to his media friends.

Complex has done a lot for my career, so yeah, when I get my next big idea, I'll give you guys a call.

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