What happens when you place an eclectic bunch of eleven menswear personalities in one room for a photo shoot? If the implosion of the Internet first came to mind you’d be close, but in this particular case David Hart & Co.’s Fall 2012 lookbook was born. New York-based neckwear designer David Hart teamed up with photographer Justin Bridges to select some of the most interesting menswear characters today, including street style luminary Nick Wooster and Saks Fashion Director Eric Jennings, to model the collection of ties, mugshot style no less. One of our favorite photographers Liam Goslett was on hand documenting the behind-the-scenes action and, incidentally, was also the dude who gave the least amount of fucks of all and flipped the bird in the lookbook itself. You might even be able to spot Four Pins’ very own evil genius, Paul Beirne, who's in the mix as well.