You went straight to your hands first. What’s next?
From there, I got on my right arm a tattoo that says ‘So Icey Ent.’ that stands for what we got with me, Gucci, Wooh, Juice, Frenchie. Then my next tattoo was on the other arm, ‘Time Is Money.’ Then I just started going crazy.

Let’s run them down, we can start with your neck tattoos.
On my neck, I got words that says ‘Salute Me or Shoot Me’. That quote there means respect it or check it, if you like me or not, dig it or ditch it. On another part of my neck, in the middle of my neck, I have ‘Cut Throat’. What I mean by cut throat is that I’ll get cut throat in any situation, it’s just like whatever level you get on, I could get on. If you want to come to me correct, I’ll come to you correct. If you want to be cut throat, I could be cut throat. On another part of my neck I got a quote that says ‘Dreams could come true and you could survive hard times.’ I just really live by that.

Definitely. Your chest is fully covered, what went into your chest piece?
My chest piece, I got M.O.B. Money over...You know what I’m talking about. I’m on the phone with a girl so I’m not going to say that.

Well, thank you.
I got a whole bunch of skulls too. There’s a whole bunch of pain on my chest. When a person sees that, they can really feel my pain. On my stomach I got Waka Flocka Flame, my stage name, and above that I got Loyalty Over Royalty. I feel like I could never trade a friend or nobody for a way to the top.

Yeah, that’s a new tattoo, too. Let’s go down your right arm.
I got a man behind prison bars, under that I got a judge one, under that I got a guy hanging out a window with two pistols in his hand. Under that, I got a graveyard. The meaning behind that is that I got a lot of friends locked up, either they’re getting times or they’re in now, but they all got the same outcome in the end. That takes up my whole arm and when I look at that, it lets me know I could never go back that way.

And on your left arm?
I got a joker on my arm with a gun in his hand. A lot of people say, like, a joker like I’ll say I’m a joker because I’m so playful but I know how to get real evil if someone pushes my buttons. That was the whole meaning behind that tattoo. That took up my whole arm right there. Above that, I got a wolf with music notes around him. I got a man holding the world saying the world is mine.

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