When did you get your first tattoo?
My very first tattoo was on my fingers. I got a group called ‘Hit Squad.’ Hit Squad was a group of kids I was hanging with in my neighborhood. My dedication to them was to put the tattoo on my fingers. I wanted to show my friends how dedicated I was, how serious I was about what I tattooed so that’s why I put it on my fingers. When I did, that’s when my mama just started crying because she’s like, ‘You’re just fucking your life up.’

How old were you?
I was 16.

What does your mom think now?
She’s like, ‘You’re a grown man. I can’t judge you for the mistakes you’ve made but it all worked in the end.’ [Laughs]

Does she have any now?
She’s got tattoos, like two or three of them. She got one with me. They’re not matching tattoos with me.

Who has done most of your tattoos?
I’ve gotten most of them done in Georgia by my tattoo artist named Kintoz [in Riverdale].

I saw you just got another done by Jason June at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn.
Yeah, shout out to Three Kings.

Let’s talk a little bit about your next tattoos after Hit Squad.
The next tattoo I got was on my hands. It says ‘Southside’ because I’m from the Southside so I tattooed it on my hands. Let a person know when they’re conversating with me that I’m from the Southside and my group’s called Hit Squad.

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