Broken Windows Theory

The broken windows theory by social scientist James Q. Wilson has been disproved often, but unfortunately, it is still the main argument for law makers and capitalists to encourage nonpartisan citizens that, amongst other things, they should not become attached to graffiti art, regardless of how attractive it can sometimes be. Every now and then a heavy presence of graffiti suggests a coming positive change in a neighborhood (depending on one's definition of positive). If there is a “hipster” area in your city, chances are that 5-15 years ago it was not a pleasant neighborhood and it was filled with graffiti. That area that you are classifying as hipster today is still filled with graffiti, bursting with coffee shops, health conscience eateries, attractive women walking really large dogs, and is now one of the most up and coming, desirable places to live in your city. The bullshit windows hypothesis is just a real estate manual for gentrifying a neighborhood, and it often acts as an overall cover for aggressive, racist policing, and the criminalization of the homeless and other undesirables in an area.