31. Jack & Janet's apartment

Series: Three's Company
Santa Monica, CA

The notion seems ridiculous today, but for some reason in the 1970's landlords actually gave a fuck about their tenant's lifestyle, and the old-fasioned Mr. Roper, and later Mr. Furley, were not down with lawless behavior such as single men and women living together under the same roof. In order to get in on girls Janet and Chrissy's totally groovy apartment, ladies' man Jack Tripper ironically pretends to be gay, the better to convince the Ropers and Furley that no sins are being committed.

The ruse seems extra, but the apartment grind is no joke. It's much easier to act flamboyant for a few minutes per day than try and find a place with a living room that huge for the same rent split. Plus for all the 'platonic' talk we know exactly what Jack was originally thinking when he first met Janet and Chrissy - and Cindy and Teri too. Three's company, indeed.