6. The Huxtable House

Series: The Cosby Show
Brooklyn, NY

If the Cleavers represent the perfect, idyllic suburban nuclear TV family with the typical suburban house, then the Huxtable's are the African-American version with a more modernized twist. Screw the suburbs, Cliff's hustle as an OBGYN coupled with super-mom Clair's lawyer money resulted in the ultimate New York City cop: their own brownstone.

That's enough space for their four children (Sondra already left the nest when the series started) to co-exist without wanting to kill each other, sometimes, and for Cliff to host his practice downstairs  in addition to the various extended family they took in over the series, like Raven Symone's Olivia. The Huxtable household was not only a hub for their family and close friends (we see you Cockroach), but it truly felt like home to the audience as well.