SWIMS entered the market to make galoshes cool and worthy enough to slip over your shoes. The Fall 2012 collection offers a variety of new styles including a collaboration with Armani. First seen during Armani's Fall 2012 runway show, the full look is finally revealed. The Armani by SWIMS collaboration works on the ankle boot silhouette available in a black colorway featuring velvet trim in the detailing. These will keep your pricey dress shoes from getting soggy.

Other models include the SWIM City Duck made specifically for sneakerheads, and also a high-top version of the wing-tip brogue that is sure to be equally popular for fall. Let’s face it, if there’s one thing that’s going to ruin your day on top of a horrible forecast, it’s getting water splashed all over your shoes. Visit the Sneakerhead website to browse available selections. 

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