What do you think it is about these posters, aside from just the limited availability, that's making them so popular and so in demand?
I think a big part of it is the artists. I really do think that it's almost like a sports scenario where you're rooting for your team and you'll follow your team around and really watch them. I think it's the same way with Tyler Stout or Olly Moss or Martin Ansin, or any of our artists. You have a favorite artist and you have a favorite movie and then when they finally hook up and make that perfect combination, people get really excited about that. Also, I think that illustrated posters are rarer now. It's no big shock to hear that studios don't really do those anymore. And I think those were always popular with people like Drew Struzan doing stuff and Bob Peak and Saul Bass. There's a lot of love for that look that needs to go somewhere and I think that we're just in that position for people to like that.


We've already done The Avengers, and we're doing at least one other kind of superhero-themed movie this summer.


Tell me a little bit about the roadshows you guys have been doing, where fans can actually buy the posters in person, and some of the upcoming roadshows you're working on.
Roadshows are with the Alamo Drafthouse and those are kind of like on-location things. We also do a lot of screenings at the actual Alamo Drafthouse theater. For instance, right now we're doing a series with Martin Scorsese's Film Foundation where we picked eight movies out of his catalog of stuff that he's participated in restoring and we're showing those at the Alamo. We did posters for each of them. We're doing a screening of The Iron Giant later this month at the theater. We're doing a screening of Toy Story at this place that's just like Pizza Planet. It's got arcade games and a go-kart track and stuff like that. It's the closest thing in Austin to Pizza Planet. So we're going to do a big show there and peole are going to come out and eat pizza, stuff like that. And then we have the Mystery Movie, which we're hoping to have one in maybe early July. That's going to be the tenth one too, so we're going to try to make it really big and fun. 

That's fantastic. It's nice to see that people are able to get the posters in person, at least for a little while, if they can't get them on the website.
Yeah, we have the gallery now as well and there's stuff available at the gallery that's not available online. We did a horror convention recently called Texas Frightmare and that leftover stuff is available at the gallery right now so you could walk in, no line no nothing, and buy those posters now. Then we'll drop them online later for everyone else to get.

As far as the artists, have they all been easy to work with? How do they feel about being a part of the Mondo phenomenon?
Yeah, I would say they've all been great. We haven't had any horror stories, you know? From the biggest guy down, we've always had a good time working with all these guys. We've been really lucky that there hasn't been any huge drama with artists. We try to take care of everybody as much as we can and, from a lot of people, we're getting their best work so we feel very fortunate. 

It really seems to bring their names more into the mainstream rather than just circulating around the art world, they get this mainstream name recognition.
We're very lucky to have people support us and take interest in it. That always helps too, when artists are doing these posters, to get acknowledged and thanked for their work. 

Is there anybody on your wish list of artists that you guys would love to work with?
Yeah, the big ones were Moebius and Frank Frazetta, but those are not a possibility anymore. I'm really into a few comic book dudes right now. Mike Mignola is always someone that we've wanted to talk to. And then there's this guy who's working on Daredevil right now - his name's Paolo Rivera - he's a great artist and I'm a huge fan of his. He did a bunch of Amazing Spider-Man covers that were kind of like paintings but they were flat colored - most of his Daredevil stuff is super flat colors - and it seems like it would translate really well to screen-printed posters. So that's the guy we'd really love to work with. There's another dude named Dan McPharlin who did The Sword’s album artwork. He does mostly fantasy sci-fi stuff. He looks like a guy that would do 70's analog covers or something and they're really, really cool. Those are some of the guys we're looking at that we're fans of that we would really like to work with. 

Now that the studios are calling you guys instead of the other way around, do you have anything that you can maybe tease a little bit about what might be coming poster wise?
[Long Pause] Well, I mean, I guess I should say that the summer movie season is here. If you look at the kind of nerd-slate that people are really excited about, we've already done The Avengers so we're doing at least one other kind of superhero-themed movie this summer. Fingers crossed, more than one, but at least one. 

Thanks very much for your time, Justin. I'm a huge fan of the releases. Even if I can't always get them, I'll keep trying.
My pleasure, man. Thank you. I really appreciate it. 

You can find out when Mondo’s latest posters go on sale by following them on Twitter (@MondoNews), checking out their website, or heading into their gallery in Austin, Tx.


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