When I first saw the website…

You thought it looked like Kanye’s blog.

Yeah, and when he had his blog, I used to check it every single day.


I love all kinds of art. It’s one thing to do it or make it, but it’s another thing to think of the idea. I usually wouldn’t have done either.


Me, too. Well, we wanted to keep it going.

When I was younger, I used to look forward to the next Robert De Niro or Al Pacino movie. My favorite movie in the world is Heat with both of them in it. Now, I look forward to a song from Kanye. There’s nobody in the arts right now that impacts culture like he does.

There’s a lot of great music out there, obviously. I love Soulja Boy; he’s such a talent. He used the internet to propel himself, and he’s taking care of his family.

Who do you admire in the arts or fine art?

There’s an artist I found through our site, his name is Technodrome; he did this piece with Rick Ross. He’s a really nice person with a really great perspective on what could be considered art. There’s a little bit of color and a lot of humor. I also like Salehe Black, who designs for Cole Haan; he’s another really talented artist that I found through the site.

I also really love Julian Schnabel and Jeff Koons. It’s one thing to do it or make it, but it’s another thing to think of the idea. I usually wouldn’t have done either. [Laughs]

What are the hardest and easiest parts of your job?

There’s nothing that’s really that hard, and everything is really easy. We’re all healthy. We’re mostly a technology company, so nothing is really that hard. Everything is doable with these sorts of projects. It just takes time, and we have an amazing team.

If you could have anybody Fancying who isn't already, who would it be? They can be alive or dead.

Did you see the kid, Caine, who made the cardboard arcade? We have to be careful about young people on the site, but when he’s older, I hope he gets the Fancy. He’s amazing. He’s a little boss.

As far as dead people, I could think of so many amazing people, who it would have been a dream for them to look at the website. I guess I would say everyone who’s not alive. I would have really gotten a chance to know them better.

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