What's the usage in terms of the site, its mobile apps, and its tablet apps?

We doubled our usage recently, and we’re continuing to sell more and more. We're about to release a massive update to our iPhone and iPad apps, which will allow you to purchase items without having to leave the application. Almost 1,000,000 people have installed our Android app. Each day, users press the Fancy button over 500,000 times, which is crazy.


I just think that Kanye’s the greatest artist ever. Our whole website is like a tiny version of his world.


Industrial design student, Jake Frey, listed his magnetic light switch cover (Neo-Cover) on the Fancy, received a ton of sales, and just got a $250,000 angel investment. Has the Fancy enabled other designers like Jake?

To be honest, I get emails about it happening all the time. With Jake, it’s still going; he’s such a creative kid, and his product is really taking off. We’re trying to figure out how we can be more responsive and helpful to designers like him. In a lot of ways, we’re really leveling the playing field between established brands and emerging artists like him.

In your opinion, what's the most exciting combination of art and technology, either historically or right now?

I'm really blown away by the Google Art Project. I thought that Street View was a funny gimic; it was a great project, but I didn’t think it was the best use case of the technology they developed. Now they’re showing us –- they took street view, and they put it in museums for the purpose of educating us and making our lives better. I’m a technologist so I know how they did it, but it’s the fact that they did it, and that they’re continuing to add more and more museums. If I’m ever really bored or uninspired, I’ll go on to visit an amazing museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, or something. It’s the fucking coolest thing ever…way cooler than our website. [Laughs]

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like mostly rap music.

Any one in particular?

Kanye West.

Did you show him the site in order for him to tweet about it? What were his reactions to it?

I’m not really the one to speak on that, but I thought it was pretty incredible when he put it up on Twitter. His new song "Theraflu" “Way Too Cold” is amazing. I just think that Kanye’s the greatest artist ever. Our whole website is like a tiny version of his world.

Young people are exposed to so much information, and you have to filter out so much. Some people have really strong messages, but they can be so negative. No matter what anyone says, I think that Kanye is really, really positive, and that's important.

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