How has your style changed since you guys started in the industry?

KN: When we first got signed, we came in with shades—we’re still rocking the shades, it’s always been a big part of our look—and the ties, a lot of the streetwear, but the ties were a huge staple. With the first album, we came into the music industry and the record business with the sense that we meant business. We felt like we had something to prove. People were always like, "What can we expect from you? What is this? What is that?" So that was what wired that mission. It was to go in and to make our first major label album.

Now, the album’s Dirty Bass and like we said, it grew with the sound and the fashion is growing into what is now the golden dirty bass era. You can say that these chains are reflective of the ties.

How do your styles differ between the four of you? Who would you say is the most stylish? 

KN: He doesn’t want to say it, but I’d say J-Splif can be the most stylish. He’s the only one that can pull off a [Thierry] Mugler fur coat. He just got this Mugler fur coat that he just brushes. He just sits there and he has a gold comb with his initials engraved in it and I catch him. I’ll be looking at him and we’ll be in the recording studio he’ll be thinking about lyrics and he’ll just be brushing his coat. [Laughs.]

JS: Gotta keep it fresh, I don’t want PETA coming up to me though. [Laughs.]

KN: But it’s the whole brushing thing that gets me. He’ll get [the comb] into his hair, and then get back into the fur. Where does it end?! But I gotta give it up to J-Splif, he’s the most stylish and he’s also become our fashion photographer, he’s our Instagram king. We also call him J-Peg. [Laughs.] And Prohgress, he wears the same jacket everyday, but that’s kind of his thing. That jacket never smells, but he wears it everyday.

Well, it's leather.

Prohgress: It's leather. Exactly. That's the whole point of it.

KN: DJ Virman's always on that "I used to rock that back then when it was cool." He is kind of the OG as far as…

P: He’s got like 7,000 pairs of shoes too.

KN: He has a shoe fetish.

P: His kick game is on point. He got the [Air] Mags right when it came out.

What's your favorite sneaker?

DJ Virman: Favorite sneaker of all time? Well it has to be the Mags because they’re my most expensive shoes. I had the first Nike Back to the Future ones, but I’ve moved on up to the Mags. I donated money to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. 

JS: Get outta here Virman! That’s what you call peripheral benefits right there.

What are some of your favorite shops in L.A. that you guys like to shop or hang out in?

KN: I like the Santee Alley swap meet, you can always get your Pro Club tees, your "$4.99 for 6 pairs of underwear"...which I'm rocking right now. [Laughs.]  

JS: Opening Ceremony is a good store.

KN: When it comes to L.A., we don’t really shop too much. Because we know so many of the garment makers and we just customize a lot.

You're going on tour with LMFAO in June. Their style is crazy. Their whole thing is to look wild like club kids. You guys have a little more hip-hop influence in your style. How would say your styles compare? Who would win in a style showdown?

KN: It's like high school. We always say it's like being at a club and two different groups have a table across from each other. Here’s the DJ table, here’s their table, here’s ours, you know? We might do things differently, we might sip the champagne, girls on our side are booty shaking and when hip-hop songs come on our sides, we're wilding out. Their side, they’re not sipping the champagne, they're champagne showering, you know what I mean? They’re wiggling, they’re shuffling, it's two different parties that definitely co-exist. I couldn’t say one's gonna win, one's gonna lose. Not to play political but we’re really grateful to them because they’re bringing us on an amazing tour and they put us on our first tour which eventually got us signed. We were friends before we had a record deal and they put us on our first tour in the states which caught the attention of Cherrytree/Interscope and that’s how we got our record deal. 

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