Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a new satirical film, The Dictator, in which he plays Admiral General Aladeen, the oppressive leader of the fictional country Wadiya. The character is a loose parody on Moammar Gadhafi and Cohen will undoubtedly offend those who were affected by the former Libyan leader's unpleasant rule.

Now, we are not praising Gadhafi, nor are we fans of tyrants who similarly abused their countries, but we are seeing a pattern here. Quite a handful of despicable dictators happen to have extremely creative personal style. The swag is understandable, though, because furs, jewels, and custom clothing are totally affordable when you use a nation's resources that should have gone to provide public education, social security, and a better quality of life! Wish you had a leader with swag? Think again! Obama's dad jeans are the only thing standing between you and starvation. 

Be thankful to live in a free country while you check out our list of The 10 Most Stylish Dictators.