Complex Obsession is our roving column where members of our staff share the one thing that they can't stop wearing. Today, our Staff Writer Jian writes what he's wild about.

Normally you'd find me in an untucked shirt, jeans, and sneakers of some kind, but there are occasions when I like to look like a grown man. This could be because as an Asian dude, I look mad young, and dressing up makes me feel like a cherub-faced Don Draper. Sure, getting suited and booted is one thing, but you can't forget about the details. Let's talk about the accessory game, or as real gents call them, accoutrements.

Most of y'all are familiar with luxury menswear and footwear designer Mark McNairy, who loves Danny Brown, Maseratis, and putting reverse racism on T-shirts. This quirky duality appeals to me because I also want people to think I'm mad irreverent and shit, which is why I co-sign this pocket square. It's yellow, and so am I. Kind of. Also, it has "Fuck Off" screenprinted on it. How quaint and rebellious. I'm getting my Holden Caulfield on up in this bitch. It also doubles as an adequate wipe for my glasses, because you know, I'm a nerd.

Sure, I learned a couple of ways to fold it, but um... I forgot most of them. I just fold it up as flat as possible and stuff it in. Personally, pocket squares look best when the top sticks out just so, but not in that gross Amare Stoudemire "my right breast is throwing up" kind of way.  And the best part? This joint is under $20. I write for a living in a recession, which usually means "treating myself" is putting two eggs instead of one in my ramen dinner. That price tag leaves me just enough money to find two quarters on the ground and take the subway home. God bless America.

Buy the Mark McNairy "Fuck Off" Pocket Square for $18.