What are the tattoos on your back about?

I don’t know. Tell me what picture it is, I don’t even know.

It looks like some tornadoes.

It says 'Wreckin' Tha Scene, Tha Texas Tornado.' I mean I woke up, it was on there and I think there was a tornado outside so I was like, 'I’m gonna go get a tornado tattoo.'

Do you know who does all of these tattoos for you?

Random people, different ones.

You’ll trust anyone to tattoo you?




No, I have to see their work first.

Who was your favorite artist that has tattooed you?

Damn, is it bad if I don’t know anyone’s name?

No, it’s honest. 

I don’t even know their nickname or nothing, just ‘tattoo guy.’

On the other side of your back, that says ‘What’s higher than a king? A freestyle Ace.” Any inspiration behind that one?

Just, I mean, what’s higher than a king? A freestyle ace. I don’t know. There’s no significance it just is what it is.

Do you plan on getting any more tattoos?

Do I plan on it? No.

But you probably will?

Well no, actually, yeah I have to get another one. When me and Diplo do our first release and all the things that we’re doing, then I’ll go get a tattoo. It would be the Mad Decent logo.

Do you think Diplo would get it too?

I’m going to make him get it.


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