The Halo Ring

Estimated Cost: $6,600 at Avianne and Co.

Izzy: "Some women like halos, meaning the ring has the circle around the diamond, and then you have diamonds around the diamond, the center stone. Then you have a split-shank which is on the sides, then you have the single row. Everybody is different. Today the most popular rings that get sold have a micropavé setting in it, meaning they have very small stones put together, like 3 to 4 or 5 O’s put together. It has such scintillation and it glitters so much that the women love it. Its micro-pave combined with the halo which is the most popular rings today. And also with the split-shank, with the V on the side of the ring. 

The first ring I have here is a halo with the split-shank, and this is one of our most popular designs. This ring comes in many different styles. You can actually have it with the micropavé like I was telling you on the split-shank. Here you have a GIA-certified stone in the middle, you have about .75 carats total, you have a SI2 diamond in the middle, with an 18-carat white gold ring.This one has the micropavé but it's a single row around the halo. Some people like 1 row, some like 2 rows, some like 3 rows, so we can do as many rows as they want on the halo."