TOX, London

Date: 2011.

Punishment: Twenty-seven months in prison.

Crankily dubbed "the scourge of the Underground," the prolific TOX tag had been appearing in London for nearly ten years with the last two numbers of the year next to it (i.e. TOX03, TOX04).

He was finally arrested in '11 after being caught on the CCTV that makes England the most videotaped country in the world.

At trial the defense told the court their client had retired TOX after an arrest in '05. Therefore TOX09, TOX10, and so on must be the work of TOX admirers. They even brought in ex-graffiti artist Ben Eine to testify that the TOX tags were "incredibly basic", with no "skill, flair or unique style," so anybody could have been writing them.

TOX was found guilty. As he awaited sentencing, BANKSY put a stencil up near his old house in Camden; a little boy making bubbles that spelled out T-O-X. The owners of the house quickly covered the piece with a Perspex shield. The irony of this was lost on nobody, except the judge, who gave TOX 27 months in the slammer.