REVS, New York

Date: 2000.

Punishment: Unknown.

After COST was arrested, REVS went underground—literally—and accomplished "one of the most extensive and sustained graffiti projects of all time," according to Brian Thomas Gallagher, deputy editor of The New York Observer. He was referring to the wall-sized diary entries REVS scrawled throughout New York's subway tunnels. Police supposedly spent hours analyzing them for clues to his true identity, including birthplace, date of birth, and birth weight (8 lb 3oz, in case you were wondering).

In 2000, REVS was caught in the act and arrested. He said he was set up by another writer known to him.

REVS was charged with graffiti, trespassing, and stolen property for the subway worker uniform he was wearing. Because of it, "Everybody who saw him with the buckets of paint just thought he belonged down there," said Gallagher.

REVS held his first and only gallery show in Philadelphia that year to raise money for a lawyer.